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When do we get our motion film?

Within two weeks of our shoot day.

How far in advance should I book?

We suggest as soon as possible as dates may fill up quickly. 

How long will my film be?

The length is dependent on the type of work. For events, you can expect a film between 2-5 minutes.

What is your travel fee?

There is no travel fee for the South Florida region.  For areas outside of South Florida, a travel fee may be assessed at the time of booking. Contact us for current travel rates and availability.

What equipment do you use?

We use Canon DSLR's, Tascam audio gear, tripods, monopod, sliders, drone, hand held stabilize gimbals, lighting equipment and backdrops.

How do we reserve our date?

Call, email or text to check for availability. We will email you with a custom quote and will than send an agreement that can be signed online. Deposit of 50% and agreement are required to reserve date. Remaining deposit to be paid in full on the shoot day.

Where can I watch your films?

Click here to keep current with all of my films.