PolarPro Variable ND Filters


I had the opportunity to work with one of PolarPro’s new Variable ND Filters yesterday and I must say, I was impressed. You can see the 77mm VND filter just in front of the Mavic Pro 2. It isn’t available yet but you can pre-order it on PolarPro’s website here. Polar Pro Variable ND Filters.

I love the sleek gold ring PolarPro wraps all of their ND filters in, it just looks so gorgeous and makes It feel like a luxury accessory. Beyond the beautiful gold ring, is an excellent variable ND filter that was smooth to operate. The mechanics of the ring feel great when stopping up or down. I used the 2-5 ND filter on yesterday’s shoot and compared to the VND I usually use, it was designed to feel like it is the front of your lens. Having the preset stop range made it easy for me to eliminate any chance of cross polarization. I saw zero vignetting while working outside during the sunny South Florida day. No matter what stop I chose I had accurate color which is incredibly important when shooting professionally. I have owned filters in the past that color shift as you stop down and this filter had NONE of that.


Putting the filter on my lens was an absolute dream thanks to the DefenderSilm cover. Which allows for fingerprint free installation. What surprised me about this cover was that it was as hard as a lens cap yet had a soft rubber exterior. I felt the ND filter was well protected as well as giving me a great grip support.

The VND filter comes in two variations. a 2-5 and a 6-9 stop. The big question is which one is right for you? At $250, I understand how important it is to answer this question accurately. For the work I was doing yesterday (Filming luxury Yachts out in the ocean) I would have chosen to use the 6-9 filter. Most of the Yachts I film are white and most of the time I am out in the ocean which has intense glare and South Florida is known for it’s sunshine. I was able to expose correctly with a high aperture and the filter being at it’s max of 5 but I would like to have the option of stopping down and having more depth of field when shooting. Unless you’re in extreme conditions like this and need some depth of field.the 2-5 filter is a great choice.

I have used PolarPro filters for a very long time now, I have used their filters for drones, handheld stabilized gimbals like the Osmo and now camera’s! You can see that pretty gold ring on the Mavic Pro 2 in the picture above. I have been happy with all of their products and I will probably be buying both filter options (2-5, 6-9) in the near future. I wish I owned these filters already but unfortunatley I was working with someone who was testing it out for PolarPro. I hope this helps you make you’re buying decision! A review video to come out as soon as I get my hands on these lenses. For now, I will post the product video of the yacht I shot in a couple of days when I am done with the edit.